About 100 years after the Israelites had returned from exile and rebuilt the temple, God saw that his people were still not following his ways. Injustice and corruption were ever present. Malachi the prophet speaks on behalf of God to expose some of their failings in the hopes that once again the people will turn back to God. He exposes the weakness in their offerings, their failure to keep the covenant of marriage, their adoption of idol worship and through all this they point the finger at God. Malachi brings a challenge to them and a call to turn things around. This challenge also comes with a reminder of God’s covenant with them as a people and the promise of a great and final prophet who is yet to come.

This final Old Testament book should serve firstly as a reflection of humankind’s propensity towards sin and turning their back on God. It reminds the Christian of what it looks like to follow God in mattes of worship, offering, covenant and trust. Finally, the book points to the sure hope that we have in Christ who has made it possible for us to know God and spend eternity with him in restored relationship.

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23rd October Series Part 1 – Mal 1 (Worship Cont. Offering) Matt 
30th October All-in service (followed by lunch) Sarah + Scott  
6th November Series Part 2 – Mal 2 (Covenant / Marriage) Colin 
13th November Remembrance – one service  Jon Woodhouse 
20th November Series Part 3 – Mal 3 (Returning to God) Communion (Matt) Infant Dedication Scott 
27th November Series Part 4 – Mal 4 (The Promise) Jim

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