What do we do on Sunday?

Each Sunday we take time to explore specific passages in the Bible or we’ll look at Bible reading skills. We also get time to worship together and catch up as friends. We’ll take time to equip ourselves for the week ahead to live for Jesus in our everyday lives.

Jan 2022

Throughout January, we’re going to be exploring Romans chapter 1 looking at gospel foundations.

Feb – March 2022

We’re going to look across the whole meta narrative of the Bible as an overview of God’s word. This will give us an opportunity to see the big picture.

April 2022

During Easter, we’re going to read through Mark 15 & 16 and remind ourselves of all that Jesus achieved for us through his death and resurrection. 

Spring / Summer Term 2022


I love being at the youth groups and learning about God on Sunday mornings. I love opening God’s word and Scott is always so funny and engaging when he teaches us. I like being able to share the things that are on my mind too. Also its great to see my friends.

– A member of our church youth group

Our Teaching Curriculum – Autumn Term 2021

This is me (God knows me and loves me)


God made me to be with him. Exploring creation, Adam and Eve and Psalm 8. Resource theme: creation.


I can trust Jesus. Jesus calms the storm and Peter walks on the water. Resource theme: Boats and storms.


God knows me and cares about me. Psalm 23 and the lost sheep. Resource theme: Sheep and following.


Jesus is my King. Christmas and prophesy. Resource theme: Christmas.