Christmas Craft Evening

This event is part of the womens ministry

Dear Christmas Craft enthusiasts!


In these strange times that we’re all trying to navigate through, we’re really keen that something resembling the Christmas Craft Evening will take place on Sat Nov 28th.


The details of this will only become clearer nearer the time (we have a few ideas!) because no-one can know what restrictions will be in place at the end of November.


It’s very unlikely that we’ll be able to meet as normal.  But we could have videos on-line, and craft kits available …..


So please watch this space!  If you would like to put your name on an email list so you can hear as soon as something more definite emerges please email putting “Christmas Crafts” in the subject line.


In the meantime, we’re praying that you would know God’s blessing.  Do get in touch,


Janice (on behalf of the wonderful Crafty Ladies team)