Testwood Baptist Church
Worn Again

Worn Again

A great re-cycling event!

This popular event has become part of our annual cycle of events to serve our community.

Clothes, household textiles, toys and children's equipment are donated by people from the church & community. They're sorted, displayed and then available for people to take what they need at only 50p per carrier bag full.

People are asked to bring along items they want to contribute on the morning of the event. (Labelling bags with their contents really helps!) Then the doors are opened from 1-3pm, with coffees & teas served throughout that time.

More information? 023 8086 0320 or email Janice

The Worn Again is planned for

Saturday February 17th 2018 1-3pm in the Sports Hall towards the back of the Testwood Baptist Church site.

Plus a "mini" Worn Again will also be part of the Fun Day on Sat June 9th 2018 1-5pm on the Testwood Rec.

Many thanks to the great team of people who put together this fantastic event (see photo, right).

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