About Us

The main thing here at Testwood is to “reach people for Jesus and help his followers grow to be like him”.

To do this we are actively involved in the local community and run many different small groups, as well as supporting Christians serving God overseas.

Testwood Baptist Church is set in the community of Totton, situated between Southampton and the New Forest.

Our Purpose

We see our purpose as:


  • In our love for the Lord
  • Our love for each other, and for those who don’t yet know Jesus as Lord

There are certain characteristics that stand out for members and newcomers to the church:

  • A heart to serve the community
  • An openness to the work of the Holy Spirit
  • Communicating timeless biblical truth in relevant ways
  • Contemporary worship
  • Being inclusive and valuing all ages
  • Everyone playing a part in church life

Put another way, we aim to grow:

  • Stronger through worship
  • Warmer through fellowship
  • Broader through ministry
  • Larger through evangelism
  • Deeper through discipleship

A Brief History

The church was planted in the autumn of 1938 as a mission outreach from Millbrook Baptist church, with a more suitable building being constructed in 1959. We outgrew the current setup in 1991, with the building of Phase 1 commencing in 1994. A number of members attended a brick-laying course to get it started.

Phase 1 was completed in April 1997 and comprises a sports hall, a creche, pre-school room, a toilet for the disabled, showers, children’s toilets, counselling room, office and two group work/training rooms.

Phase 2 of our building programme was completed in February, 2008. Phase 2 was intended to be a sanctuary and other facilities that would seat 300. It seemed clear that a 300-seater would be too small, possibly even before it was finished. So the plans were revised to seat 500 instead. Whilst Phase 2 was under construction the morning service was moved to local Abbotswood School as it became impossible to fit everyone in the Phase 1 hall.

Jesus’ mission statement in Luke 4:18-19 indicates that he has come to bring about change in people’s lives. As God seeks to change the world one life at a time, we want to be partners in this work of transformation. Our vision for the future is one of continued life change, in us, and through us.