What do we do on Sunday?

Each month we dive into an amazing story or theme from the Bible and spend 4 weeks exploring it in different ways to show what God is like and how much he loves us. If you’re new at Testwood Baptist Church then please speak to someone in a blue t-shirt who will help you know where to take your children.


This session will be worship, interactive prayer activities, bible bits and colouring, comfy dens and cushions. A great space to explore and to chill.


Our sports hall session will involve active games and activities which all link to the story or theme for the month.


This week may be drawing, painting, crafts, lego, drama, film making…all sorts to help you think about the story and what God is telling you.


This week you’ll be using games, puzzles, questions and challenges to dig deeper into the story.

I love being at my kids groups and learning about God on Sunday mornings. I like being creative and learning through making things which help me to remember how much God loves me.

– A member of our church kids community

Our Teaching Curriculum – Autumn Term 2021

This is me (God knows me and loves me)


God made me to be with him. Exploring creation, Adam and Eve and Psalm 8. Resource theme: creation.


I can trust Jesus. Jesus calms the storm and Peter walks on the water. Resource theme: Boats and storms.


God knows me and cares about me. Psalm 23 and the lost sheep. Resource theme: Sheep and following.


Jesus is my King. Christmas and prophesy. Resource theme: Christmas.